Overcomes Adversity Community
Overcomes Adversity Community
Teresa Morin

Welcome to Overcomes Adversity Community

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About Me

To start off, I hate the enemy (Satan) in how he destroys lives. He almost destroyed my life in the past, but through the power of the Holy Spirit, I overcame life adversities  – 10 physical diseases healed. I used to suffer from mental torment such as anxiety attacks. About three times in my life, I almost died, but the Lord spared my life. Not only that, almost kidnapped three times, but the Lord sent angels to rescue me from the clutches of my enemies. I'm an ordained minister with more than 25 years experience. 

Why You Should Join Me

The Overcomers Adversity to a Victorious Life is a community group is a safe place where we encourage you to "grow into" the Purpose and Destiny that God is calling you. Our Vision is to help you arrive into Your Purpose by helping you get over hurt, helping you heal, regain your freedom and experience of a resilient, healthy, peaceful life, to fulfill the destiny and God's purpose through Jesus Christ.

A Big Thanks

I thank those who support me and see the vision to help others get free from the bondages of the enemy.

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